Pamela Palma

Pamela Palma is a gyn specialist in the USA who specializes in providing reproductive health care for women. She offers a unique and personal approach to health care that focuses on patient education and empowerment. Pamela Palma believes that every woman should have access to quality reproductive healthcare, no matter her location or income level. Her goal is to provide her patients with the resources they need to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Whether you are looking for information on contraception, prenatal care, abortion rates, or infertility treatments, Pamela Palma can help you get the answers you need.


Pregnancy is a very special condition for a woman. An expectant mother needs not only to be registered and watched by a specialist in time, but also to devote a lot of time to self-education. It does not matter what week you are pregnant now. In any case, our guide will be useful and help you better understand your own condition. With our help, you can find out what changes are happening to the foetus from the first to the fortieth week, how the baby is developing, what is happening to his weight, the formation of body parts, growth. We have tried to give a detailed description of the course of pregnancy by weeks.

Our pregnancy guide will be your guide and will help you to know what exactly is happening to the body in the first weeks, and what changes await you in the future. We have described the peculiarities of how a woman feels during this important period and the specifics of fetal development.